Buy Most Realistic Sex Doll Barbara – Free Shipping within Australia

Buy Most Realistic Sex Doll Barbara – Free Shipping within Australia


Barbara provides food fundamentally to men who have a dream interest. She outfits herself as Barbara and assumes the personality of the warrior princess, a lot to the delight of folks who get off on her astounding blend of hostility and sexuality.

There is a demeanor of peril and secret about this young lady. Like no one can tell what she is subtly thinking, even as she is riding you like a pack bull.

Subduing this wild princess requires an extraordinary kind of man, since she’s continually going to provoke you and attempt to improve of you. However, when she is at long last controlled, her change into a wanton, provocative alarm is a mind blowing background. One, you’re rapidly going to get very dependent to!

Factory Guarantee: Beat all $3000+ dolls on the market. We provide affordable dolls with high quality.

Doll Height : 170 CM
Boobs : Medium Boobs
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All faces are compatible with all body types. However, some faces and bodies will look better together than others due to differences in size. Ask us if you are in doubt!

Faces can be purchased separately for multiple combinations. Having one body and several faces to choose from is like having several different dolls in one.

Eye Options
Eyes can be easily changed for additional looks. Please read “EYE OPTIONS” below.

All of our dolls are made with faces can be combined with any of our doll body 138-170cm. Except mini doll faces only look better with doll body 65-125cm.

Default Face
Same as the picture.

Adult Doll Faces

Looks better for body height 138-170cm.

Mini Doll Faces

Looks better for body height 65-125cm.

Body Types

We provide 5 different heights, 4 boobs sizes and 3 body shapes (Slim for all sizes, a little Fat & Fat for certain sizes).

Special Types
a Little Fat (+ $100): available for 165cm & Big Boobs.
Fat (+ $120): available for for 158, 165cm & Big Boobs.

Extreme Big Boobs: only for 158, 170cm & Slim
Flat Chested: only for 138, 158cm & Slim

Storage Notes
Due to the presence of gel in the buttocks of this doll, it is very important that the doll be stored hanging whenever prolonged periods of storage are required.
Sitting or laying on the implants may cause distortion in the shape of the area. Laying down for long periods, positioning the body on her side is strongly recommended. Read more about how to store a real sex doll.

Default Body Type
Medium Boobs & Slim as the picture.

real dolls body type
sex dolls skin tone

Skin Tones

Skin Construction & Colors

All BadBoyDolls have TPE rubber skin which has a very long lifespan, no lasting odor or taste, a high degree of flexibility, and a low risk of tearing. We offer 4 standard natural skin tones:
– Fair
– Light Tan
– Cocoa
– Dark Black
But are also able to create custom skin tones. Feel free to contact us!

Default Skin Tone
Same as the picture (free of charge to change skin tone.)

Hair Options

About Our Hairstyles

BadBoyDolls are provided with high quality synthetic wigs that can be removed for styling, cleaning, or full replacement with any commercial wig. When brushing a long wig it is best to use a metal brush or comb and start brushing small sections close to the hair tips. Brush out sections of hair about 3 inches from the ends until they are smooth and gradually work your way up the wig towards the “script”. This will avoid tangling the wigs. Synthetic fiber wigs are easier to maintain than human hair wigs.

Custom Requests
We also accept Custom requests. Just provide a photograph of your desired hair style after ordering your doll and we will match it.

Default Hair
Same as the picture or close to.

badboydoll sex dolls hair options
badboydolls real dolls eye options

Eye Options

Facts and Features

All of our eyes are hand made in our studio. We offer three types of eye options: Hi-Realism Blue, Resin Orange and Acrylic Brown.

Hi-Realism Blue
These are hand painted in our studio for ultimate realism. No two sets are exactly alike. Give your doll an extra special touch with hand painted acrylic eyes.

Resin Orange
Hi-Realism eyes come in 5 different colors. We offer natural shades as well as unusual colors like orange and smoke. Resin eyes are light weight and durable, easy to install.

Acrylic Brown
Fits all sex dolls, choose from black to light brown. The best line of eyes fit for Jap real dolls.

Default Eyes
Same as the picture (free of charge to change.)

Pubic Hair

Facts and Features

All BadBoyDoll reall dolls come standard as completely shaved.
You may order other pubic hair options at free of charge, such as trimmed, natural, and full (4 colours are available). You can pick your option when ordering. If no option is picked your doll will come completely shaved.

Default Pubic Hair
Completely Shaved.

BadBoyDoll reall dolls pubic hair
Sex Dolls vagina options: Built-In and Removable

Insert Options


All BadBoyDolls are provided with 2 vagina options: Built-In and Removable.
Should I choose an Integrated vagina or a detachable one for my future love doll? Advantages and disadvantages below for your ref.

Built-in Vagina
Also called “Integrated”, is recommended for acquiring the true-to-life experience, in practical terms and sensations. The doll’s vaginal cavity is designed for optimal ease of use. A spiral shape with small gentle ridges brings sensations which procure surprisingly realistic pleasure. This type of vagina is therefore permanent, non-detachable and requires cleaning after each use.

Removable Vagina
Also called “Detachable”, is easy to keep sex dolls clean and ready. Remove it to wash, make sure it is dry and powdered to insert again in your doll.

Default Vagina
Built-in Vagina

Foot Options

Facts and Features

The latest in modifications is the standing foot mod which allows the doll to be steady, upright and well balanced while standing. This option not only gives stability to the doll but allows robust protection to the feet elongating the lifespan itself.

Standing Foot
The standing foot mod is different from the regular foot where the ankle has been refurbished and reinforced to improve the balance of the doll allowing it to stand on its own. There are studs or bolts placed on the flat of the feet to allow better balancing especially when unsupported. The foot can bend between 90 degrees to 150 degrees in a downward angle. However, bending the foot upward or side by side is not advised and can lead to damage.

Regular Foot
Could not stand on its own.

Default Foot
Standing Foot.

sex dolls foot options

Body Warm Up

Optional: + AU$120

The heating module is safe and the effect is not extreme. If the ambient temp. is lower it can take approximately half an hr before the doll is heated to human body temp. The heating is slow because there is a temp. limit in place to ensure that the doll remains safe.

Body Warm Up not included.

Touching Voice

Optional: + AU$120

The voice function uses pressure sensitve vocalisation tech. The vocal module senses pressure on the dolls body and then sounds feedback is made bringing a vocal interaction. There are 5 sensors inside the doll located in both boobs, thighs and vagina.
Laguage: English
Vol. control: Yes
Switch ON/OFF: Yes

Touching Voice Not included.

knowledge and tips

How do you hold a real love doll?

When you receive a Dutch Wife, you want to know the doll. However, there are a few things you need to do before you can do it. It’s time to slow down your rapidly beating heart and perform tests on your sex toys. This is a very important step. When you “use” a Real Love Doll, the doll becomes yours. If you find something that does not fit the real doll, contact the manufacturer immediately!

Remove the cover and visually inspect the Dutch Wife. Is this what you ordered? Are there any visible defects? Stop opening your mouth and staring at her, really look at her. Yes, you can touch her.

Take out the love doll from Hako. Move your arms / legs. Any other movement. Is there binding, noise, anything you think is wrong? If not, if so, contact the manufacturer by phone and do not touch the Real Love Doll until you have an answer to your concerns!

Completely inspects BadBoyDoll sex dolls. Are all fingers and toes, eyes / accessories? Again, if anything is incorrect, answer the phone. The sooner you contact the manufacturer about the problem, the sooner it can be resolved.

The two most common ways to carry a real Dutch wife are a bride’s carry or a bear hug. Both have advantages and disadvantages. The bride’s carry is easy to scoop her up, but the doll’s arms, legs, and head like to grab everything on the way. Also, the back is stiff because the weight is out of the body.

A bear hug puts weight next to the body, but can damage large gannets as she begins to slide down your body, plus feet hanging in your way, and both if she is Neck bolt that can be hooked on both stands.

Now, what if you combine the two and get the best of both worlds? Place the doll on the edge of the bed and raise your arms.

Then sit down with her and put her arm on the shoulder. Then place your hand behind her back and the other hand under her thigh.

Then lift her firmly on the body, but leave a little space for her chest.

Thus, most of the weight is in the arms below her feet, but still some on her back. Also, the feet are in close contact with the body, but do not interfere with walking. Also, the arms and head are in close contact with the body and are equal in weight. Now you can carry her without catching all of her way and you can see when you hook on a stand, in addition to the gannet you don’t crush, unless you want, or hook You can move your back up to help guide you.

The problem with chairs is surface irregularities, from rugs to hardwood floors. They also take up space, and taking out a real love doll from a wheelchair is also not good on the back. It is easier to use a motorcycle where the doll is upright and can be used on the stairs.

Also, I don’t think I need to put my arm on my shoulder. If she happens to be a floppy, you can put it on your lap.

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