BUY Japanese Sex Toys Australia 68 CM Nozomi (AU $335 Free Shipping)
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BUY Japanese Sex Toys Australia 68 CM Nozomi (AU $335 Free Shipping)

$580.00 $335.00

I’ve been writing parking tickets all day, and I’ve been stared at by strange men, and I’ve been tired all night, and I just want to get some rest. It’s a thankless task – who else in this day and age can keep the streets safe and sound? Now you can thank me with your strong hands. Release the stress from my body. Oh, that’s the place! Now don’t get me wrong — I like to give and I like to receive, and I will solve your problems well. After all, I was designed for it. I am a quality, sexy, beautiful TPE love doll, I am from scratch to meet your every most depraved desire. I’m full-size, but only partially designed, with no legs in the way. I’m so much more flexible in bed, honey, you won’t miss them. I have a metal skeleton of joints in my body, so I can strike different poses. Let’s start by sitting on your lap and putting my huge breasts on your shoulders. Now you can be the meter! When night falls, will you take my heart away?

Please choose and email us below info after ordering:

mail to:

1. Face Style (A. Same as photo, Check more)sex-doll-face-preview
2. Bust Size (A. Medium | Same as photo, Check more)sex-doll-bust-size-preview
3. Skin Tone (A. Same as photo, Check more)sex-doll-skin-tone-preview
4. Eys Color (A. Same as photo, Check more)sex-doll-eyes-preview
5. Wig Style (A. Same as photo, Check more)sex-doll-wigs-preview
6. Vaginal Style (A. Permanent | Default, B. Removeable)sex-doll-vaginal-style-preview
7. Feet Option (A. Stand Up | Default, B. No)
8. Pubic Hairs (A. No, B. Yes)
9. Body Warm Up (A. No, B. Yes +AU $100)
10. Sound when Touch (A. No, B. Yes +AU $100)

PS, if your choices not list, please feel free to let us know, we’ll do our best to satisfy.

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1: Medical TPE, soft to touch and feeling nearly as real.
2: Fully articulated poseable mental skeleton in core, makes her can pose in any position as a real woman.
3: All sex doll come with 3 holes (anal, vaginal, mouth) for your ultimate sex pleasure.
4: Privacy Guaranteed,Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us and with our discreet packaging you can shop in confidence.
5: We promises: You will get 100% same as the picture dolls.if you need more pictures, please contact us.

– Your doll should be cleaned every time use,with mild shower foam. The head should be taken off and cleaned separately.
– Please keep the head away from water. When the skin becomes sticky, please clean with bath powder. Dry and use baby powder to make her smooth.
– Please dry with a towel after cleaning and apply baby powder. DO NOT use a hair dryer.
– Use mild shampoo to wash the hair and let it dry naturally.
– Suggestion: please put on clothes for the doll to keep clean.
– Be careful when moving the doll, avoid dropping / knocking / breaking.

Additional Information

Weight ,, kg
Dimensions 68 cm
Doll Height
Doll Weight

2.5 Kg

Skin Tone

Pubic Hairs

Default (No), Yes (Free)

Available for

Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Vagina Sex

Feet Option

Joint & Make a Pose

Yes, eg. sit, on keens, raise up arm and leg

Inside Skeleton

Yes (stainless steel)

Body Warm Up

Default (No), Yes (+AU $100)

Sound when Touch

Default (No), Yes (+AU $100)


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