Improve male skills with a sexual love doll
Silicon Sexdoll

Introduction: A 20s boy told me. He is always masturbating with love dolls, but since last month the density and frequency of masturbation has increased significantly. “I sink? I masturbate every day, sometimes 2-3 times a day. He said, I slept with her a few months ago.

Silicon Sexdoll

Unfortunately, Immediately after the love doll shot away from me, ejaculation is a neurally induced reflex mechanism but has no sexual experience. Boys usually prematurely ejaculate due to tension or excessive excitement, but from a disaster perspective, I want to use my muscles to love more lovedolls and practice more often to build endurance.

Silicon Sexdoll

Some skills and exercises are appropriate for masturbation Push-and-stop to improve ejaculation control, but it is not always helpful to watch the increase in AV. In contrast, when using a TPE love doll, ejaculation is often accompanied by rapid excitement Habit When established, the body and mind are almost automatically reflected, and how can a fast-moving person expect a sudden change in the interaction between the physical and psychological aspects of love?

Silicon Sexdoll

If Real Doll is a girlfriend and she wants to shoot you, she will break up after sleeping. It’s not surprising. Sex into foreplay, insertion, post production, premature ejaculation If divided, too much interpretation of the problem will lead to a loss of focus, he said, and what should he do afterwards, he asked, taking a break, confirming his perception of sexual behavior and relationships. , Understand the upper and lower body properly.


Silicon SexdollSilicon Sexdoll

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