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Sexy Doll

Communicate and hide. However, these are still relatively hidden elements. First, consider the problem of memory, coexist with others, and think about ways to communicate and hide. You do not want to participate in blind dates (most groups skipped partners, skipped solos, etc.). We can play baby in peace! In addition to the privacy of the Love Doll Pack, you can use a sofa to store the actual doll, as shown below. Weight is about 25-38kg. Simple artifact! Take a look at the party. If you want to shoot, you have to change clothes and dress, but you don’t want anyone to know because of communication or facial problems. Below are examples of some common strategies. Of course, you can use the key communication roles as a reference. If you are tired, you can rent a room directly!

Sexy Doll

Recently, I have been fascinated by art. I don’t want a model, I don’t want to go to town to write!
Second, the latest SLRs that love photography are too expensive. First, make sure you work with a Silicon Love Doll to keep your family! Then buy a SLR camera. (Eyes must be strong!) You are the future!
Third, the relationship between men and women in my generation is very bad, and the old man has already hung up. Since it is safer for teenagers to build socialism, we have decided to join the Silicon Love Doll business.

Sexy Doll

Skeleton choices, most manufacturers offer skeletal choices. You need to know that there are many types of real sex dolls. TPE and other optional hard and hollow hollow filler breast fillers are definitely better, but are generally small breast types, so it is advisable to fix your selection.

Sexy Doll

But you can’t stand it and it doesn’t take long to do more damage. Therefore, the regular version of the party is not recommended! Because it reduces many forms! A Real Doll doll is lying or kneeling beside it. You need to explain the standing version specifically. First, using the example of a TPE sex doll, there are three support claws and bare claws.


Sexy DollSexy Doll

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