How to make a good photo with a real love doll
Real Love Doll

It is very important! If a love doll is not cheerful, it is only a still life and it is difficult to take beautiful pictures. You need to pose first and you need to know the amplitude of the joint vibration of the sex love doll. Many parents have Dutch wives and are afraid of breaking the real sex doll without touching the sex doll’s joints.

Real Love Doll

In fact, the joints are not fragile and will definitely reject violence. As long as you are familiar with all joints. First, I am thinking of a love doll, if you are a real TPE love doll, what about your hands and footprints? Fingers pay attention to the overall attitude! Real dolls have not changed. Most fingers are wires and are sometimes distorted! Second, the camera is wasted.

Real Love Doll

You can also use the steps to capture pictures of your favorite real TPE love doll in many environments. The biggest advantage of mobile phone photography is that it is light and comfortable. The best way to take a photo is where the light source is. Finally, sensitivity problems arise because noise is not detected in areas of insufficient light. Third, shot angles, why premium silicone love dolls are so cute! My family bread? This is a matter of angle! Speaking of shooting angles, we recommend displaying images of these photos on the Internet so that putters can imitate them.

Real Love Doll

By imitating more, you gain experience and gradually develop your ideas. Fourth, post-processing.
1. Crop the photo using an application to clarify the composition.
2. Only exposure and photo brightness! Instead, the impact on visual effects is very important. Usually, the contrast is high, the image is sharper and easier to see, the colors are increasingly lighter, the contrast is lower, and the entire image is grayed out. High contrast helps with image sharpness, detail, and grayscale.
3. Saturation. Restore unlit photos. Or, I want to be a literary work. Therefore, it can be created in black and white.


Real Love DollReal Love Doll

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