Where to buy sex dolls in Australia

Having a sex doll is no surprise. If they were cheaper, most of us would buy them. An inflatable doll costs about the same as a car. I’m talking about high-end models, not inflatable ones. Those are about $100. Trust me, it’s not worth it.

If sex dolls were easier to hide, more people would buy them. Watch porn. Everyone watches porn. Even if someone says they don’t know. My college roommate swore she’d never seen porn in her life. She went to church. She has a boyfriend. She has Jesus. She doesn’t need porn. So she said.

One weekend, my roommate went home. I had a party with my friends in the dormitory. We all know Julia and her self-righteousness. For some reason, we started talking about pornography. My roommate flatly denied it. After a drunken argument, we finally spied on her computer. What did we find? Porn. So much porn. Is it surprising? My point is — everybody watches porn, but a lot of us deny it. The same idea applies to sex dolls. Most of us have one, and if we can get away with it, lock it where no one can find it and judge us.

So all this philosophical dialogue about sex dolls and sex robots is not so important. Porn doesn’t destroy our culture like marijuana, alcohol, guns, or capitalism. Talking to ai about sex dolls doesn’t destroy our culture either. I’m not worried at all. Most people won’t buy it. Why is that? Because you can’t hide sex dolls in a computer folder. You can’t delete your sex toy the way you can delete your browser history.

In our culture, we have all accepted pornography as a gift. We have no problem saying everyone watches porn. We even joke about it. “Sure, I watch porn. Ha ha. Jessica James. Ha ha.” But you don’t invite your co-workers to see porn. How about you? You don’t want porn to be part of your conversation at the water cooler. Why is that? Because of the social stigma. Porn is ok because it’s hidden under the carpet. Sex dolls can’t. And they probably never will. There is no safe place to store one in your house. They take up a lot of space.

Some men who buy sex dolls are misogynist. They only see women as sexual objects, which is consistent with their behavior. But many men fully respect their female colleagues and value their contribution to society. They believe that women are equal. All they know is that they will never sleep with megan fox. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to sleep with megan fox, just compare all the women on the planet to her. Some men — and women — always choose the path of least resistance. That could mean saving them $10,000 on the man of their dreams. How do we judge? Imagine a future in which all the assholes in the world free themselves from the dating pool and choose to live alone with a sex robot. Could this be a bad thing? Each of these questions has ten dimensions. Sexbots. Strippers. Porn. BDSM. They can liberate our sexuality or reinforce unhealthy attitudes. Adding sex robots to the cultural mix won’t change much. Gender expectations go back thousands of years. We should treat the disease, not the symptoms.


Nowadays, you can be ashamed of almost anything. This is sad. I wish we were open about our sex life. Not to embarrass everyone, but to live your life. All this hidden and furtive behavior makes us far less healthy than any fetish or sexual act. Perhaps as technology advances, our attitudes toward sex will change. I used to have a sex doll. In relationships, I’m curious about my sexuality. I found a $500 bargain on ebay. She is a brunette. B – cups. Movement. Just cute.

Bonus: the seller lives nearby. That’s right. The plural. A young couple decided to sell their house to raise money for their wedding. So I drove there to do some shopping. They allayed all my fears. No, I’m not heartbroken. I’m not a monster. I’m perfectly normal.

But when I got home, my excitement disappeared. When I pulled into my parking lot, the couple’s honesty didn’t matter. Unfortunately, I had to move this sexy doll into my second-floor apartment without much attention. So I waited until midnight, wrapping her in a blanket.


Damn, she’s heavy. It looks like I’m dragging a body. A patrol car happened to pass me by. Fortunately, there were no sirens or flashing lights. That’s when it hit me. No one dragged the bodies into their apartment. What I have done may seem strange, but it is not illegal. I’ll be fine. It’s great to have sex with my doll. I bought some accessories and we went to heaven by boat. Love for a doll is no substitute for companionship. But it takes a lot of the pressure off. I enjoy my artificial sex.

It might be more ethical to get involved with a relationship I don’t want to maintain and explore my sexuality with a doll. At the time, I just needed sex. There is no dialogue. No appointments. Just a beautiful body. Nothing. There were no complications.


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