Japanese sex dolls show that’s weird

Surreal silicone dolls reminiscent of the hit TV series westworld are on display at an exhibition in Tokyo, Japan. This week Orient Industry, a Japanese sex doll maker, marked its 40th anniversary with an eye-popping exhibition of “art”.

At first glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking their flawless complexion and attractive eyes were human. But when you think about it, sexy “love dolls” are convincing sex toys designed to satisfy a man’s ultimate fantasy. Amazing photos showing the doll in sexually suggestive poses intrigued viewers to study them in awe.


Oriental industries has been making silicone dolls in Tokyo, Japan, since 1977. Today the company makes 500 such toys a year, with one costing 600,000 yen (4,315 pounds). Initially, the company made dolls for people with disabilities, but it expanded and now sells dolls around the world. Oriental industries describes its creations as “works of art” and offers customization for your fantasy. No request is taboo, because the customer can make any request, from her chest size to her hair, to movable fingers and eyes and so on.

Each doll is so detailed that it can be decorated with realistic nails, eye movements and pubic hair. A statement on the company’s website reads: “” by extracting molds from models, a more realistic form is possible, from sweet curves to fingertip details. “The head is cast in modern 3D technology and plaster.”


Sex dolls have taken the world by storm over the past decade, with the daily star online reporting on their evolution from underground to mainstream. Robot developer matt McMullan told the daily star online that “pulse” sex robots will be available from the end of 2017. The ceos of RealDoll and Robotix say their robots will be able to “self-lubricate” and “share orgasm” with their owners. The daily star website also revealed that a sex doll brothel will open in the UK.

Donnie misses his flight out of Japan so he decides to make lemonade out of lemons and go to a sex doll exhibit.


In a famous story by the Roman poet Ovid, a sculptor named Pygmalion carved a statue out of ivory. The statue was so beautiful that he fell in love with it crazily. He prayed to Aphrodite that she would give him a real woman, as beautiful as he had made her. Love heard him and turned the ivory into flesh.

This is an old story that has similarities all over the world. On the third floor of an unassuming building in ueno, there is one place where it seems unlikely that the story will be repeated. This is the showroom of Oriental industries, Japan’s leading maker of high-quality love dolls. The sex dolls, some of which cost nearly 700,000 yen, are not made of Pygmalion ivory. They are made of silicone.

Some doll owners have rented apartments for them, taken them out on dates and developed intimate relationships with life-size dolls that go beyond the sexual surrogacy allowed by reproductive organs made of soft elastomers.

On average, how big are your customers?
Over 30 years old. We have customers in their 70s and even 80s, if they have the energy. Really, there’s a wide range of ages.

Where were the dolls made?
We have a factory in Okudo, about a 30-minute train ride from ueno showroom. We have a staff of about 25 people making dolls.

What do your customers like about dolls?
The desire for sex is a normal impulse, like the desire for food. This is important! Japan has a particularly developed sex culture. For example, in places like Japan, where there are soybean plantations, there are all kinds of different kinds of sex trade. But for some, when it comes to women, they may hesitate. Japanese people may be a little sensitive, very simple, there are a lot of people are not good at getting along with women. It seems that more and more men are having trouble developing relationships. The doll doesn’t complain and is quiet and easy to use.

Some of our clients have wives. Maybe they live in a sexless relationship. Once a couple stops having sex, it’s hard to start again. Because men can be especially sensitive — and when they say no, women can be pretty tough! – rekindling sexual relationships is very difficult.

Is sex the only reason your customers use dolls?
For some of our clients, it’s not just about sex, they may feel lonely if they live alone. As long as the doll is there, it can help deal with those feelings of loneliness. Bit by bit, the customer begins to feel a sense of proximity to the doll. They may start to want to talk to it… It creates a feeling of sadness.

What do you think caused this feeling?
One reason is that dolls have improved. They look like you can talk to them: the feeling is there. The doll’s makeup and body are very realistic. In 2001, the company replaced latex for its dolls with silicone. Since then, the dolls have really improved and the prices have gone up. Before that, it was about 200,000 yen. Since then, the yen has risen by 400,000 yen. Silicon is a very expensive material.


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