Is Real Life Size Sex Dolls Legal In Australia?

YES, sex dolls are legal in Australia with the exception of the child looking sex dolls. Here at, all our sex dolls ranging from the mini dolls, the torsos and life-size sex dolls are legal. We greatly value our customers and all our products are tailored to enhance customer satisfaction.

The greatest nightmare would be getting arrested for buying a sex doll, right? This might actually happen to you if you buy your doll from scammers who illegally trade childlike sex dolls. So, always avoid buying pre-pubescent small dolls as they are illegal in Australia. These type of dolls promote pedophilia, a psychiatric condition that causes sexual attraction to the children.

Note: This should not be considered actual legal advice. Please consult a legal professional in Australia for legal advice. We speak only anecdotally from our own previous experience.


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